Eyecare Plus, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality custom eye care solutions at affordable prices. We understand that each individual person has specific and unique eyecare needs. Here at Eyecare Plus, we carry a vast variety of eyecare solutions including single vision lenses, multi-focal lens options as well as contacts! At Eyecare Plus our dedicated professional team of Opticians and Optometrists understands the importance of the accuracy and specifications of custom fitted ophthalmic devices, so you can get back to seeing your very best. YOUR VISION. OUR FOCUS.
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Your eyes should be tested eye one or two years, depending on your age. Book eye exam online and just visit the store on the date.

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  • How often should I get my eyes examined?

    Eyes should be checked at least once a year but this could change if you have a prescription for your eyes or other medical concerns.

  • What is Normal vision?

    As children, long farsightedness seems to be the best, which means it takes more focus to see closer objects. As we grow our short nearsightedness gets better allowing things to seen more clearly in a closer or a farther range. Naturally, presbyopia is experienced which is the natural worsening of vision due to age. Also, none of the symptoms should appear in an individual below 40s if they have normal vision.

  • What are the signs of vision problem?

    Signs could vary depending on what is the exact problem with the vision but some common signs are:
    headaches, nausea or dizziness after visual concentration
    Blurred or double vision at any time
    Short attention span
      Blinking or eye rubbing after visual concentration
    Difficulty reading small print
      Difficulty adjusting focuses between near and far objects