EyeCare Plus Contact Lenses

EyeCare Plus specialises in the perfect contact lenses that suit your budget and convenience. Our Crowfoot optical stores provide various types of lenses to suit you. Our Crowfoot Optical store also fits and sells contact lenses which are manufactured using the latest technology. Additionally, we offer other services like eye exams and eyeglasses to give you the full range of eye care.

Where to Buy Disposable Contact Lenses

EyeCare Plus is pleased to offer you lenses with various disposable durations. An appointment with one of our local optometrists can help you determine if disposable lenses are a good fit for your lifestyle and ocular health. Daily disposable lenses are those that you can throw away at the end of each day. These lenses come in handy for people who are sensitive to allergens as well as cleaning fluid. They are also convenient since there is no need for a cleaning solution, making it a good option for people on the go.

Monthly disposable lenses, on the other hand, are reusable and last for thirty days. They ensure you have brighter eyes due to improved oxygen transmission.

You can buy either type of disposable contact lens at our optical store in northwest Calgary at Crowfoot Crossing, and get a prescription for lenses right from our own local optometrists.

Maintenance of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses need proper maintenance. It is essential to wash and dry your hands before touching your contact lenses. You must clean the lenses at the end of each day with a cleaning solution recommended by us. In addition to this, use a fresh solution daily. Make sure that you also air dry the lens case when the lenses are in use. Additionally we advise that you put your lenses in before applying any makeup to avoid contamination.

Our Crowfoot optical store also offers a wide range of eyeglasses and sunglasses to protect your lenses from the sun.

If you are wondering where to buy contact lenses in Calgary, come visit EyeCare Plus at Crowfoot Crossing or give us a call at 403-208-2299. Whatever your contact lens requirements are, we’ve got you covered.